How it Started:

Established in 2019, Greenhouse was originally a health cafe that catered to the working class community in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. While the most popular items sold were the juices, salads and herbal teas, the menu also included a number of liquid herbal extracts and wellness shots that were popular to those who were familiar with homeopathic remedies and alternative medicine. With the emergence of the global COVID-19 pandemic our brick & mortar location was unable to withstand the brutal changes of the economy--inspiring us to pivot

The New Objective:

Today the new and improved Greenhaus Co. continues to fulfill it's commitment to promoting health and wellness through the use of Nature's finest ingredients; instead of treating ailments with western medicine, our line of herbal supplements offers a homeopathic approach to healing. ​Our goal is to lessen the use and need of pharmaceutical drugs by replacing them with the essential nutrients that will stimulate the the body's restorative process.


The owner, Dr. Kasi Lou Van Heel, MPh, DrPh(c) decided to transition her business to an e-commerce platform to provide her customers with health and wellness herbal products as well as education to support healthy lifestyles and diets. 

The compound developer of these products is Diane Galloway, a Certified Herbalist/ Nutritionist, and consultant. With over 40 years of expertise in the industry of alternative medicine. Diane, has sourced and developed the following herbal blends  and compounds for The Greehaus Co. to produce exceptional-quality proprietary supplements.